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We provide support for a very wide range of devices from PCs, laptops & tablets to phones, TVs & sound systems


We can fit, check, repair or replace

  • Hard Drives

  • Components (Video Card, Memory, Ethernet etc)

  • DVD / CD / Re-writer drives.

  • Wi-Fi cards.

  • Power supply

  • Motherboard and CPU

in order to get you up and running again.


We undertake all computer servicing, recoveries and errors. This includes but is not limited to virus removal, boot up errors including blue screen errors and corrections.


We always aim to recover hard drives and data from blue screen errors and non booting systems therefore preventing a format which will remove all data on the drive and starting from scratch. We have a 98% success rate in this field.


NB: We do advise that you back up and create restore points on a regular basis whilst the PC is in a healthy state.


A real pest in the technoloogy world we can eradicate any virus that is preventing  your device from preforming to its full potential.


We can install, check, and correct damaged software installations including

  • Operating systems.

  • Software setup and Installs.

  • System recoveries, inc; blue screen recoveries and non-booting systems.

  • Missing drivers.

  • Corrupt programs and files.

This list go’s on so please contact us if your problem is not listed.


We can setup and install your home network whether it be wired or wireless. Wireless is the more desired option but you must make sure your connection is secure.

We can do the following:

  • Setup and Install your modem and routers both wired and wireless.

  • Secure your connection to prevent hacking and avoid others using your broadband connection.

  • Home network Pc’s within your home for easy sharing of files, photo’s, music etc.

  • Convert your connection from wired to wireless.


Upgrading can be very cost effective to out right buying a new device. Just call in for a quick assesment on options available to you.


We can fit, check, repair or replace 

  • iPads

  • Mobile Phone LCD Screen

  • Mobile Phone Lens and Touch Screen

  • Camera Repair

  • New Battery Fitting

  • Charging Port

  • Mobile Phone Housing Replacements

And more...


We aim to be a provider of the complete range of I.T. services required by any one business – to be able to provide a single point of contact and remove any doubts or overlaps of interest in trying to resolve a query for a customer.

These capabilities include;

  • Initial network setups & client/server infrastructure

  • Support solutions for any new or existing network

  • Software development

  • Remote access and ‘dial-in’ support – for customers in any physical location

  • Web hosting

  • Mobile solutions – setup of mobile smartphones for email, calendar and synchronisation of data with office networks

  • Remote working & VPN – making server resources securely available to laptops or other devices when off-site

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